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At Hostwriting, our mission is to help you throughout the writing process, making the experience of writing more effective, more efficient, and more fun.


We offer a suite of writing and editing related products and services:

  • Introduction to Hostwriting: our online course, designed to help you learn the Hostwriting mindset
  • Editorial Review: an assessment of writing skills based on pre-existing writing, with specific recommendations for future writing projects
  • Editing: on-demand copy-editing and editorial advice to support you with specific projects
  • E-book Production: packages for producing your self-published e-book
  • Hostwriting: our signature offering - real-time, interactive writing coaching and support - available exclusively to participants in our online course

If you are interested in improving your writing skills at your own pace, you might want to take our online course or request an editorial review.

If you are interested in professional support on specific projects, you might want to try the Hostwriting process or get editing support.

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We're a team of writers and editors who want to support you throughout your writing process.


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