Editorial Reviews

an actionable assessment of your writing skills

What is an Editorial Review?

Our Editorial Reviews give you concrete feedback about how you can improve as a writer. By submitting up to three pieces and/or 6,000 words of your writing, our editor, Jay, will identify three patterns in your writing that you can improve, and give you actionable feedback for how to do so.

When you work on your next writing project, you can practice implementing Jay's feedback. After a while, you may even want to request another Editorial Review - if so, Jay will give you new feedback, based on your newer, better writing. This will give you a new area of your writing to improve on. (He'll never give you the same feedback twice - unless you hire him as an editor.)

Receiving an Editorial Review from the Hostwriting Team costs $125. To get started, complete this simple survey, which will help identify your learning goals. Jay will be in touch with you and request up to three pieces and/or 6,000 words. When you receive your audit results, you'll find that the feedback you receive pays off for a long time - resulting in higher quality writing, and more success with your readers.

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To start the Editorial Review process, take a simple survey about your learning goals.