What is hostwriting?

Hostwriting is an interactive process to aid you in every step of the writing process. In particular, it helps you to quickly generate content that can be expanded upon, re-organized, and transformed into one or more final products, from a blog post, to an entire book, and beyond. The process will result in content that you could not have anticipated.

Hostwriting can scale and adapt to any problem or any medium. It can take place in an asynchronous fashion (by email), or in a spontaneous, synchronized but unpredictable way (over the phone, by video, or in person).


Hostwriting is a radical, novel approach to creating, articulating, and spreading information, knowledge, and wisdom. It allows you to:

  • share your expertise effectively and efficiently
  • minimize time commitments while maximizing output, by outsourcing responsibility
  • explore unanticipated connections and ideas
  • maintain complete control over your work
  • deliver essays, blog posts, books, and more that help you reach your goals (a new job, more income, a wider audience for your ideas, etc.)

The end goal isn't just a blog post or a book. We're collaborating to think together. Ideally, we're both better thinkers by the end of this process - and maybe, just maybe, better people, too.


We offer a suite of writing and editing related products and services:

  • Introduction to Hostwriting: our online course, designed to help you learn the Hostwriting mindset
  • Editorial Review: an assessment of writing skills based on pre-existing writing, with specific recommendations for future writing projects
  • Editing: on-demand copy-editing and editorial advice to support you with specific projects
  • E-book Production: packages for producing your self-published e-book
  • Hostwriting: our signature offering - real-time, interactive writing coaching and support - available exclusively to participants in our online course

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