The Hostwriting Team

meet the Hostwriting team

The Hostwriting Team

Tasshin Michael Fogleman

Tasshin Michael is the founder of Hostwriting, and the instructor of our online online course. He has always been passionate about reading and writing, and loves to help others find joy and success through these endeavors. Here's a brief excerpt of his history as a reader and writer:

Jay Dugger

Jay is the official Hostwriting Editor. Jay has written, edited, and collaborated on a number of articles, manuals, and books. He also:

  • Spent six years in the military and nineteen years in the aerospace and defense industry.
  • Worked as a technical writer and trainer at a flight training company, where he helped people read the fine manuals.
  • Systematically read the 1,110 articles on Wikipedia's Vital articles lists for Level 1, 2, and 3.


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